Edit your business address

If there’s a change to the contact information for your business, you can update the details in Sage One. This updates the information that appears on the invoices and statements that you send to customers.

  • 1. Settings > Edit Business Address.
  • 2. Amend the following details as necessary:
Client * This is the business name you entered when you first signed up to Sage One. If you need to change this, please email support@sageone.com
Website The website address for your business.
Telephone Your contact phone number.
Mobile Your mobile phone number.
Registered Number Your company registration number.
Registered Country The country that the business operates in.
Street 1 * The first line of the business address.
Street 2 The second line of the address.
City * The town or city.
County The county as you want it to appear on invoices and statements.
Postcode * The business postcode.
Country Due to legislation differences, you can’t change the country.

* These details are compulsory.

  • 3. Click Save.

You’ve successfully amended your business details.

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