Manage your subscription - add or upgrade a service

If you’ve signed up directly, you can use Edit Subscription to manage your subscriptions. You can view your subscription cost, quickly and easily sign up to additional services or unsubscribe from a service.

When you change your subscription options, your billing amount updates immediately, and you’re billed for the new value.

To view your subscriptions

  • 1. Click on the company drop-down list, then click Manage Business Account.

  • 2. Click the Subscription & Invoices tab then click Manage My Subscription.

The cost of your current subscriptions appear here. If you’re currently in your trial period, the date it expires appears next to the relevant service and after this date you need to enter your direct debit details. If you’re not in your trial period, the date of your next invoice appears and details of how to check it.

If you’ve applied a promotional code, the percentage of the discount and the dates it runs from and to appears. If you’ve applied more than one promotional code, once the current code expires, details of the next code appears.

To amend your services, including upgrading or adding Payroll

If you choose to upgrade to Accounting, you can’t downgrade at a later date. The only service you can downgrade is Payroll.

  • 1. Click on the company drop-down list, then click Manage Business Account.

  • 2. Click the Subscription & Invoices tab.
  • 3. Click Manage my Subscription then click Manage Services.
  • 4. From this screen you can:
  • Add or remove a service: Select the service you want to add or remove, then click Subscribe or Unsubscribe.
  • Upgrade an existing service: Select the service you want to upgrade to and click Subscribe, this will upgrade your exisitng service automatically.
  • Upgrade or downgrade your Payroll service: Select the Payroll service amount you want and click Subscribe, this will upgrade or downgrade your existing Payroll package automatically.
  • 5. Click Continue, check that the updated costs are correct, then click Finish.

You’ve successfully changed your subscription settings and your next invoice reflects the new value.

Restart your Sage service

In certain circumstances you may need to start again with your Sage service. For example, if you’ve entered dummy data and now want to enter live data. To do this, you can reset data, this clears the data from your selected Sage service so you can enter it again.

To redeem a promotional code

  • When prompted, click Redeem promo code, enter the code then click Redeem.

Details of the discount appears against your services. If you already have a discount applied, once the current discount expires, details of the new one appears.

Invite Accountant

If your accountant has their own Sage service, you can invite them to link with your company’s data. They can then log in to view your information and make adjustments as necessary.

How to cancel your account

If you decide you no longer want to use your service, you must email a request to cancel your service to from your registered email address.

Your registered email address is the one you used when you first signed up.

We’ll then cancel your account and email you to confirm this.

If you choose to cancel your account, you can’t access your data from the date it’s cancelled.

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