Edit your profile

If you need to change your user details or view your unique Sage One reference number, you can do this from the Edit My Profile option. From here, you can change the first and last name entered when you first signed up for the Sage One service. You can also change your password and security questions.

If you sign up to a Sage One service with Google or Facebook, you can also generate a Sage ID login and password. You can then use these details to login to your Sage One service from the Sage One website.

If you need to change your registered email address, for security reasons, you can’t change this from within Sage One. Instead, please send an email from your current registered email address to support@sageone.com confirming your new email address and your reference number.

To view or change your user details

  • 1. Click the Settings button, then click Edit My Profile.

Your reference number appears here. If you contact the Sage One Customer Support team, you can quote this reference so they can identify your service.

  • 2. If necessary, change the information in the first and last name boxes.
  • 3. Click Save.

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