Add clients one at a time

If you’re going to use Sage Business Cloud Accounting, Payroll, or Start for a client, you’ll need a licence to allocate to that client.

If this is the case and you already have spare licences to use, see Assign spare licences.

If you don’t have any spare licences, read on.

  • 1. Select Add New Client.
  • 2. Choose between Business Client and Individual Client.
    This choice affects which applications you’ll be able to use with this client.
  • 3. Fill in the Contact Information and Main Address.
  • 4. Select Save.

You’ll find your client on the Pending tab.

If you’re an Accountant, you can click the client row, and choose a compliance application (Final Accounts or Corporation Tax for businesses and Personal Tax for individuals). Once you’ve created a new set of accounts, or a tax return, the client will move to the Active tab.

Add a subscription

To add a subscription to this newly added client:

  • 1. Find your client on the Pending tab.
  • 2. In the row of your client, click Subscription +.
  • 3. Choose who is paying.
  • 4. We’ve set Who can log in? to Both of us.
    When adding clients one at a time, we’ll automatically send log in details to your client so they can access Sage Business Cloud. If you’d rather they didn’t have access, see Adding Multiple Clients.
  • 5. Select the subscriptions to add.
  • 6. Select Save.

If you check the client row on the Pending tab, you’ll see Awaiting Client Activation under Activation Status.

Over to your client…

Once you’ve clicked Save:

  • 1. We email an activation link to your client.
  • 2. They click the link in the email and set a password.
  • 3. We’ll move your client to the Active tab and you’ll be able to access their data.

Activation troubleshooting

If your client doesn’t get the activation email, follow these steps:

  • Click the resend button and we’ll resend the email.
  • Check you’ve got the correct email address for your client.
  • Ask your client to check their junk or spam email folders.
  • If you’re still having trouble, call our support team.

Changing subscriptions at a later date

To learn how to change the subscriptions for a client after you’ve set up an initial one when you create a client, see Working with subscriptions.

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