Add clients

Add clients one at a time or in a large batch.

Add clients one at a time

Invite a client

When you sign in to Sage One Partner Edition, the first thing you see is your client list. From here you can manage all of your Sage One clients. You can also invite new clients.

To create your client’s account

  • 1. Add a Client > specify whether the client is a business or an individual > enter your client’s Business details and address.

Details marked with an asterisk are compulsory.

  • 2. Click Save.

Your client will sit in the Inactive Clients tab of the client list.

You can still add subscriptions to services (like Start, Accounting, or Payroll) to their account. See Add or remove services to a client, further down this page.

If you’re an accountant, you can click their name in the client list and access compliance services (like Sage Final Accounts Online or Sage Corporation Tax Online).

Accept an invite from a client – (Accountants)

If you’re an accountant and if you’ve a client already using Sage One, they can invite you to access their data. Once you’ve accepted the invite, you can access their data through Sage One Partner Edition, and you won’t be charged for this.

You’ll find any pending invites in the Inactive Clients tab of the client list.

To accept the invite

On the Inactive Clients tab, clients that have sent you invites show New Client Invitation in the Activation Status column.

  • 1. Click Accept > in the Client sidebar, click Accept > in the confirmation message, click Yes.
  • 2. The client will be sent a message in Sage One to notify your acceptance.

If a Sage One client invites you, they’ll already be paying us directly for the service. This continues after you accept the invitation.

Add several clients in one batch

It’s possible to add multiple clients created in one batch. To do this, you’ll first enter the client details in a spreadsheet, then you’ll upload this to Sage One.

1 – Fill in the spreadsheet

  • 1. From the client list > Quick Actions > Multiple Client Import.
  • 2. You’ll need to enter the client details in a spreadsheet then upload it to Sage One. We’ll try to match the data you’ve entered to the appropriate places in Sage One.

Download the .CSV template by clicking the link on this page (this will open in common spreadsheet programs like Microsoft Excel) and put your data in there. This will make it simple for us to put your data in the right places.

  • 3. Open the spreadsheet and complete the main details section of the spreadsheet.
  • 4. Save your completed spreadsheet. It’s going to help in the next stage if you save this file somewhere you can remember. If you’re not sure where to save it, saving it to the desktop with a memorable filename is a good idea.

2 – Upload the spreadsheet

  • 1. From the client list > Quick Actions > Multiple Client Import.
  • 2. Click Upload my CSV > find the spreadsheet you saved in the previous step. > Open
  • 3. Your imported clients are displayed > make any necessary amendments by clicking in a cell and editing > Save.

Client email addresses have to be unique. If you try to add a client and that email address is already being used by Sage One, you’ll see a warning. You might want to contact your client to check if they’ve already added themselves. You could also remove that client from this batch by clearing the checkbox at the start of their row before clicking Save again.

Your clients will be added to Sage One and you’ll be able to access them from the Imported Clients tab of the client list. They’ll stay on the Imported Clients tab until you add a subscription to them. For information on adding subscriptions see Add or remove services to a client in the Managing Clients article.

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