Assign spare licences

If you’ve bought Sage Business Cloud licences to use for your customers, this topic will explain how to allocate those licences to your customers.

  • 1. In Sage Partner Edition, make a note of the dummy client you want to assign to a real customer.
    We’ll have set these up for you and you’ll find them in your client list. We’ll typically have created these using the name of your practice and a number, i.e. if your practice is called Norton Accountancy and you’ve 10 spare licences, your spare licences will be shown as clients Norton Accountancy 1 through Norton Accountancy 10.
  • 2. When we set these up for you, we’ll have sent you a confirmation email. Attached to the confirmation email was a ‘name change’ spreadsheet. Fill this in. If you can’t find this, see Can’t find the name change spreadsheet? below.
    You’ll need to fill in a row for every spare licence you want to use.
  • 3. In Sage Partner Edition, update the spare licence client with the new contact name, company name, and email address.
  • 4. Email the completed name change spreadsheet to us at You don’t need to add a subject but adding ‘Name Change’ can help us prioritise.

Once we’ve received your spreadsheet, you don’t need to do anything else. We’ll update your licences within 48 hours and email you to let you know it’s done.

Can’t find the name change spreadsheet?

Don’t worry. Just create a spreadsheet with headings like this:

Old Company Name Old Email Address New Contact Name New Company Name New Email Address(Only provide if the client requires access) Product(Choose Accounting / Payroll / Start)
-———————- -———————— -———————- -———————- -—————————————————————————————— -—————————————————————-

Only provide the New Email Address if you want the client to have access to the account.

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