Transferring subscription licences from one client to another

If you would like to, you can remove a subscription licence from one client and then reuse it for another existing client.

For example, you might have a client that no longer needs their subscription licence for Sage Accounting because they’ve retired. Rather than losing the licence, you can reallocate it to one of your existing clients.

In order to do this, the first thing you’ll need to do is remove the licence from the client that no longer needs it.

To remove a client

If your client originally invited you to access their Sage data, there are circumstances where they might need to revoke that access. For example, if they’re changing accountant.

Removing a client cancels the licence and the following changes occur:

  • The licence becomes client paying, chargeable at full RRP. This cannot be reverted to accountant paying, nor any discounts reapplied.
  • If your client still requires access, make sure you’ve entered their email address in their client details. For a participating client (one that has their own login details), do this by clicking a client, then from the client sidebar choosing Manage, then Edit Client Details. For non-participating clients (those that don’t have login details), follow the instructions in Grant your client access so they can sign in themselves below. Once you stop managing them, they’ll be notified and have access to their data for 30 days. They’ll be prompted to enter their payment details for continued access.
  • Any commission you receive for this client licence will cease.

If your client appears on the Active tab:

  • 1. Find the client to remove on the Active tab.
  • 2. Select the client by clicking its row.
  • 3. From the client sidebar, select Manage, then Stop Managing This Client.
  • 4. Select Yes to confirm.

    If you’ve been using compliance services with this client like Sage Final Accounts, that data will still be available via the Sage Partner Edition client list. To completely remove this client from Sage Partner Edition, you’ll need to delete all their data and submissions from within the compliance service before choosing Stop Managing This Client again in Sage Partner Edition.

If your client appears on the Pending or Imported tab:

  • 1. Find the client to remove on the Pending or Imported tab.
  • 2. Select the client by clicking its row.
  • 3. From the client sidebar, select Manage, then Delete Client.
  • 4. Select Yes to confirm.

To add the licence onto an existing client

  • 1. Log in to Partner Edition.
  • 2. Select the client you’d like to remove from the list (this will open the sidebar).
  • 3. Click on Manage Subscriptions.
  • 4. Select the relevant product you wish to add.
  • 5. Select Subscribe.
  • 6. Select Continue.
  • 7. Select Finish.

Once you’ve completed the steps above, you’ll need to email our administration team so that they can apply the relevant promotional code to your transferred licence.

Please email: with the following information:

  • The company name for the product licence you’ve removed.
  • The name of the client and product you assigned the licence to.
  • Your company’s name.
  • Your Partner Edition login email address.

Sage accept no responsibility for loss of data upon removal of licences.

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