View historical VAT information

Until the Agent Services Account was launched by HMRC, you managed your clients’ VAT accounts and submissions through your Government Gateway accounts. Through the Government Gateway account you were able to:

  • See a list of clients you’re authorised to act for​
  • See the open obligation periods​
  • View the historic submission information​
  • View payments​ and liabilities

Under Making Tax Digital for VAT, you’re required to copy your existing clients across to your Agent Services Account (as described at Copy across clients or authorise new ones for your agent services account). At that point, you’re not able to see the same information you were able to under the Government Gateway.

Sage VAT Centre provides a way to see this information.

Before you begin

Follow the advice in Making tax digital with Sage VAT Centre.

You’ll need your client’s VAT Registration Number. If they’re a Sage Business Cloud Accounting, this number may already be stored in that app.

Launch Sage VAT Centre

  • 1. In Partner Edition, select a client.
  • 2. From the client sidebar, select VAT Centre.
  • 3. If your client has their VAT Registration Number stored in Sage Business Cloud Accounting, the number will be pulled through automatically, otherwise, you’ll be prompted to enter it.
  • 4. A search is made for the VAT Registration Number to check that you’re using the right number for this client.
    If the details are correct, select Yes.
  • 5. We’ll use your client’s VAT Registration Number to retrieve data from HMRC.
  • 6. When VAT Centre appears, you can see previously submitted VAT Returns and open obligation periods in the VAT Returns table.
    a.Select a previously submitted VAT Return to see the information that was submitted on the return (the nine boxes).
    b.See liabilities in the Liabilities table, and payments and refunds in the Payments and Refunds table.

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