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Automatic enrolment phasing - edit pension contribution rates manually

As part of Automatic Enrolment phasing, from 6 April 2019 the total minimum pension contribution rate for your qualifying pension scheme is 8.00% with at least 3.00% coming from the employer.

When to apply the changes

If you haven’t updated the rates by 6 April 2019, the following message may appear when you try to process your employees pay;

‘Auto Enrolment Phasing – The pension rates for this qualifying pension plan do not meet the required minimum for the current tax period.’

How to check or edit an employee’s pension contribution details

  • 1. Process the pay run as normal until the Edit Pay stage.
  • 2. Click on the relevant employee.
  • 3. Click the pension deduction
  • 4. Confirm the Employee Standard Contribution and Employer Standard Contribution percentages are correct, changing them if not.
  • 5. If the employee wants to make an additional voluntary contribution, click Yes in the Deduct Additional Voluntary Contribution drop-down list, then complete the frequency and type details as required.
  • 6. Click Save.

Read more about automatic enrolment >.

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