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Automatic enrolment - Employee pension assessment

As part of your Automatic Enrolment duties, you must assess your employees every pay period. Payroll does this automatically for you and determines what type of worker each employee is.

Payroll assesses your employees on the pay date that falls into the same pay reference period (PRP) as your staging date. This date can be either before or after your pay

If your first assessment occurs before your staging date, Payroll calculates a partial contribution which is added onto the next pay run. If it occurs after your staging date a normal contribution is calculated with no partial amounts.

It’s common for the first pension deduction to be higher than you expect. This is because all staging dates are on the first day of the month and a tax month runs from the 6th to the 5th of the following month. This means the first pension deduction is for one month and five days rather than just for one month.

Different types of worker

Payroll automatically assesses your employees and assigns a worker category. This determines whether they’re automatically enrolled, or they have the option to opt in or join.

There are three different types of workers:

For further information on types of worker, you can view the Pension Regulator’s guide

When you process your first pay run after your staging date, the Deductions section on the Edit Pay stage displays the status of each employee.

If the employee has been enrolled a message appears at the Edit Pay stage of a pay run, however you can use the Manage Enrolment options to postpone them, amend their contributions or process any opt out or leave requests.

To check the status each employee, which pension scheme they’re paying into and their enrolment date, you can view the Employee Status report. This report is only available once you enter your staging date.

Read more about automatic enrolment >.

Watch this video from The Pensions Regulator (TPR) to find out more:

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