Completed Pay Runs

Whenever you complete a pay run a detailed breakdown appears. This shows information about the pay run, including employee pay values, submission details, pay trends and your total employer cost.

To open a completed pay run > select the Pay Runs tab > select the relevant pay run from the list.


You can print or email payslips for the current pay run or any completed pay run.

View the detailed report

To generate the detailed report for this pay run > click the Open the detailed report link.

Depending on your Internet browser, the report opens in a new window or tab. You can choose to print or save it from your browser file menu.

The detailed report contains the following information:

  • A payslip summary for each employee.
  • Summaries of payments and deduction amounts.
  • A breakdown of payroll related employer costs.
  • A breakdown of amounts due to HMRC.
  • A breakdown of employee pay.

To run a pension contributions report

If you’re processing pension contributions for your employees, you can view a pension contributions report for the current pay run, or for full year to date values.

To view the FPS file

The RTI panel shows the status of the most recent Full Payment Submission (FPS). If it submits successfully a green icon appears.

To view the FPS file that was submitted to HMRC, click View FPS > Download XML.

The file opens in a new tab, in an XML format. This means that each piece of information is tagged in a way that HMRC’s software can interpret.

If the FPS submission fails

If your FPS submission fails, a red icon appears in the RTI panel.

The system tries to resolve problems with the submission automatically where possible. However, in some cases, you must resolve issues manually.

  • 1. To view information about the submission problem, click Resolve Issue.
  • 2. When you’ve addressed the listed issues, click Re-Submit.

If you resolved the issue(s) fully, the FPS submission should be successful this time.

If a No Payment EPS is required, rather than an FPS

If you try to submit an FPS with no active employees, submission error 7877 is returned.

HMRC require an employer with no active employees to submit an EPS, rather than an FPS. An EPS of this sort is sometimes known as a No Payment EPS or a nil payment EPS.

If you’re no longer registered as an employer, you don’t need to submit an EPS or an FPS.

To print the P32 report

At the end of each tax month, we recommend that you print the P32 Employer Payment Record report.

To make a P32 payment and submit an EPS

When the P32 payment is due for the current P32 reporting period, you’ll see that the Record Payment/EPS link is active.

An EPS submission may also be due at the same time. If so, the submission is made as part of the P32 payment process.

  • 1. Click Record Payment / EPS.
  • 2. Follow the instructions in the P32 / EPS submission wizard.

To make corrections to the pay run

You can make corrections to a completed pay run.

Click the Edit Pay Run button to open the completed pay run in corrections mode.

After you have finished editing the pay details, the P32 for the relevant month/quarter is updated accordingly.

Postings to Accounts

If you use a Sage One accounts service as well as Sage One Payroll, totals are posted to Accounts when you complete a pay run.

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