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To recalculate pension contributions in a completed pay run

There may be times when you need to recalculate pension contributions made in a completed pay run. If you need to correct any errors or make any adjustments, you can edit a completed pay run in corrections mode by following the below steps.

  • 1. Browse to the Pay Runs tab, then select the relevant pay run.
  • 2. Click Edit Pay Run and then click Yes.
  • 3. Zero the payment values and re-enter them, then click Next.
  • 4. To finalise the changes click View Summary.

You must repeat this process for each pay run until you’re up to date. When you process your next pay run a correction appears. This reflects the changes to the contribution amount which should have been taken.

If you previously uploaded a submission file to your pension provider, you must download another submission file and resubmit.

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