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To edit a completed pay run

There may be times when you need to make an amendment to your payroll. For example, you may have forgotten to pay overtime to an employee, or you’ve processed an employee using the wrong tax code.

If you need to correct any errors or make any adjustments, you can edit a completed pay run in corrections mode.

If the changes you make affect the amount of pay due to an employee, the next time you pay them, a payment or deduction is added to their pay to cover any change in pay they’re entitled to. It’s not added to the pay run you’re changing.

If you see a payment or deduction called Correction in the Edit Pay stage of the current pay run, either a completed pay run has been changed, or you’ve specified absence dates that occurred in a previous pay run.

Before editing a completed pay run

Before you edit a previously completed pay run, we recommend that you print payslips for any employees whose pay you’re changing.

You should also print the P32 employer payment record for the month or quarter the pay run relates to. This means you can compare the values before and after the changes are made.

To edit a completed pay run

  • 1. Click the Pay Runs tab, click the relevant completed pay run then click Edit Pay Run
  • 2. To edit absences, click Back, enter the relevant details and click Save
  • 3. Click next. To adjust an employee’s tax details, click the employee’s name, enter the required details and click Save.

Changes to the Tax Code, Week1/Month1, NI Category and On Trade Dispute options, apply only to the pay run you edit. Changes to the Directorship Details apply to the pay run being edited and all subsequent pay runs.

Any changes apply automatically as soon as you make them.

  • 4. To edit pay, click the relevant employee and amend the payments or deductions, as necessary, then click Next.
  • 5. To check the changes are correct, click the open the detailed report link.
  • 6. If necessary, to make further adjustments click Back.
  • 7. To finalise your changes, click View Summary.

To help you with any queries you may have with editing or correcting pay, we’ve put together a list of common questions.

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