Finance Integration Settings

If you subscribe to both Accounting and Payroll, to save you time when you pay your employees, their salary information automatically posts to Accounting.

This also posts the bank payment for the employees’ net wages and a payment to clear your liability to HMRC.

To ensure your accounts are correct, you can choose which current bank account the payments to your employees and HMRC posts from in Finance Integration Settings.

If you use Accounting rather than Sage One Accounts, you can choose your bank account in Payroll Integration Settings instead.

  • 1. Go to Settings, then click Finance Integration Settings.
  • 2. In the Default Payroll Bank Account list, click the required bank account.
  • 3. Click Save.

The next time you pay your employees or record your payment to HMRC, the bank payments automatically post from this bank account.

To find out more about what automatic postings are made when you pay your employees or record your payment to HMRC, please see our Salary journals article.

If you’ve subscribed to Payroll and Accounting Start using the same sign up details, it’s not possible to switch off the integration.