Final employer payment summary (EPS)

At the end of the tax year, you must submit a final employer payment summary (EPS) submission to HMRC. This final submission includes your end of year declarations and if applicable, the date your business ceased trading.

You can submit your EPS in just a few simple steps.

The final EPS submission is different to the normal EPS submission you submit monthly or quarterly.

To check the status of the Government Gateway

Around April each year, HMRC closes the Government Gateway for maintenance. We recommend you submit your final EPS submission to HMRC when the gateway is open.

To check if the gateway is open:

To submit your final EPS

Watch how

  • 1. Go to Year End, then on the Tax year to report on list, click 2016/2017.
  • 2. Click Submit EPS.
  • 3. If your company has ceased trading in the tax year, select the check box and enter the cessation date.

If you attempt to submit the final EPS before the cessation date, the submission fails. You should re-submit the final EPS after the cessation date.

  • 4. Click Next
  • 5. Check the following year to date values are correct.
Amount of CIS Deductions suffered If your company is a limited company and you entered CIS deductions suffered on your monthly or quarterly EPS submissions, the total appears here.

The value reduces your overall tax liability.
Total Recovery & Compensation for Statutory Payments If you paid statutory payments to your employees, the amount you claimed plus any compensation appears here, including:

– Statutory Maternity Pay
– Statutory Adoption Pay
– Ordinary Statutory Paternity Pay
– Additional Statutory Paternity Pay
  • 6. Click Next.
  • 7. Check your company details and Government Gateway credentials.

    The most common reason for a submission failing is because of incorrect credentials. If the use saved check box is selected, clear this and check your details are correct.
  • 8. Click Submit.

The Year End tab shows if the final EPS submission is successful or if it fails. If it’s successful, you can now produce the P60s. If it fails, you must correct the error then follow these steps again.

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