Producing your employees' P60s

You must provide a P60 to all employees still employed by you on 5 April by 31 May 2017.

With Sage One Payroll, you don’t need any P60 stationery. You can simply create a PDF which you can print and give to your employees.

Watch how

  • 1. Go to Year End then on the Tax year to report on list, click 2016/2017.
  • 2. Click Print P60 Certificates.

Depending on your Internet browser the P60s open in a new window or tab and you can choose to print or save them from your browser file menu.

The P60 shows your employee’s total pay and deductions, including:

  • Their final tax code for the tax year.
  • Their total pension income for the year, if applicable.
  • The total amount of tax they paid during the year.
  • Their total national insurance contributions for the year.

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