Payroll Settings

If you want to review or edit your payroll settings, you can do this within Settings. You can perform a range of administrative tasks, from entering your PAYE reference to setting up a new pay calendar, payments and deductions.

  • 1. Settings tab > Payroll Settings.
  • 2. Review or edit the following information:
PAYE reference Your employer PAYE reference is issued by HMRC when you register for PAYE for Employers.
Accounts Office reference This is your 13 character reference number, supplied by HMRC and is found on your P30BC Payslip booklet or P30B Paying electronically.
HMRC reporting frequency Choose whether you pay HMRC monthly or quarterly, as appropriate. If you’re unsure, please contact HMRC’s payment enquiry helpline
HMRC payment method Choose whether you pay HMRC by cheque or bank transfer.

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  • 3. You can check or further customise your payroll settings using the following options:
Payslip Settings Choose a payslip template to use when you print or emails payslips.
Calendar Settings Enter details of when you want to pay your employees and set up your default pay days. You can also view the pay calendar.
Payment & Deduction Settings You can use this option to create your payments and deductions. For example, basic pay, overtime, pensions.
Migrate Payroll Data – Employer Values When you migrate data from an existing payroll system part way through the tax year, you can enter the values for any statutory payment recovery and compensation that you’ve received so far. For example, employment allowance values.
Finance Integration Settings If you also subscribe to Sage One Cashbook or Accounts, to save you time when you pay your employees, their salary information automatically posts to accounts.

Note: If you use Sage One Accounting, you need to set up your Payroll Integration Settings instead.

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