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NEST Pension contribution submission

Before you send data to NEST pensions, you can review the contents of your employee contributions before you download the CSV file.

This shows a list of your employees and a summary of their pension details and contributions to be included in the submission:

Item Description
Name The name of the employee.
Worker Category The employee’s worker category. This is automatically assigned to each employee based on their age and earnings.
Pensionable Earnings The employee’s pay that is subject to pension deductions.
Ee Contributions The employee’s pension contribution amount for the relevant pay reference period.
Er Contributions The employer’s pension contribution amount for the relevant pay reference period.
Enrolment Date Depending on the employee’s enrolment, one of the following displays

  • An Enrolment Date – If the employee becomes a member of the pension scheme in the current pay run, an enrolment date displays within the current pay reference period.
  • Enrolled – If the employee was enrolled in a previous pay run.
  • Opted Out – If the employee opt’s out of a pension scheme in the current pay run.
  • Workplace Pension – The employee became a member of a workplace pension prior your automatic enrolment staging date.

If an employee enrols in the current pay reference period, a warning appears to advise you that a separate enrolment submission file will generate. You must upload the member enrolment file to NEST, before the contribution submission file.

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