Pension schemes

For automatic enrolment, you need to have a qualifying pension scheme. To help you manage your schemes, you can quickly and easily set them up in Payroll. You can set up a default scheme to enrol your employees into and create multiple plans. For example, you might have a standard plan you want to enrol the majority of your employees into and a separate plan for your managers.

You can set up pension schemes in Payroll for the following providers:

In future, we’ll update Payroll with more pension providers. Once new providers are added, we’ll also provide the details here.

If you don’t use one of these pension providers, you can set up your own pension scheme. We can’t recommend a pension scheme or advise if it meets the qualifying criteria. If you need more information, The Pensions Regulator has lots of useful information to help you find a provider and choose a pension scheme.

Once you’ve decided on a pension scheme provider and worked with them to get your scheme up and running, you need to enter the scheme details into Payroll. For more information, please refer to the relevant guide below:

If you want to start processing pension deductions for your employees straight away, you don’t have to wait until your staging date, you can assign employees to the pension scheme now.