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Set up The Peoples Pension scheme

You can set up your People’s Pension scheme in Payroll and process your pension deductions.

To find the required information to help you set this up, you should log in to your online account at

You can then enter this information into your Payroll service;

  • 1. Go to Pensions, click Add a new pension.
  • 2. Click The People’s Pension.
  • 3. In the Employer reference box, enter your unique ID provided by Peoples Pension.
  • 4. Click Add Plan and complete the relevant fields.
  • 5. Click Add. Repeat the process to add any additional plans.
  • 6. Select the Qualifying Scheme check box.
  • 7. To read the terms, click the our terms link. Then to accept them, select the Terms check box.
  • 8. Click Save.

You’ve now successfully set up your People’s Pension scheme in Payroll. It’s automatically assigned to your eligible employees during the pension assessment.

Read more about automatic enrolment >>

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