Sage One Payroll videos

To help you get the most from Sage One Payroll, we’ve created some simple video demos that explain just how easy it is to get up and running and to process your payroll.

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Getting started

Employee pay days
Create a pay day calendar for how often you pay your employees.

Creating employees
Create records for your employees in just a few simple steps.

Payroll settings
Enter your payroll settings, including your HMRC payment details.

Payslip settings
Choose a payslip template to use when you print or emails payslips.

Processing your payroll

Processing the pay run
Watch how to process a pay run, including how to set up payments and deductions.

Completed pay run – Part 1
Find out more about how to generate your employees’ payslips and the detailed payroll report.

Completed pay run – Part 2
Watch how to submit your real time information (RTI) submissions to HMRC.

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