Switching to Payroll from Sage Instant Payroll

Thank you for choosing Payroll. To help you set up your new service and get off to the best possible start, we’ve put together this guide to switching. Simply follow the steps below to gather the information you need and enter it into Payroll.

Reports from Sage Instant Payroll

Before you can set up Payroll, you’ll need to print some reports from Sage Instant Payroll. You can then use these reports to quickly set up your employee records.

  • Deductions Working Sheet P11 (PAYE) and (NIC) – You should print these reports for your records. If you’re switching part way through the tax year, you can then check the values against the new P11s in Payroll. Find out more about the P11 reports.

  • Employee Details – Use the information in this report to create your employee records. In addition to the information on the report, you also need to make a note of your employees’ contracted hours, any leave dates and director information.

  • Payslips – If you’re switching part way through the year, and you plan to reprocess your payroll, you can use the information on the payslips to enter the values.

  • P32 – Employers’ Payment Record – If you’re switching part way through the tax year, you should print the P32 for each individual tax month and compare the values to those in Payroll.