Introduction to Personal Tax Online

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With Sage Personal Tax Online, you can prepare and submit personal tax returns for your clients using just your internet browser.

The software is simple to learn and use. Just select the tax year and enter the information required to produce the return using the online pages. At any point you can click see the Computation Preview and go back to make changes as required.

When you’re ready to produce the return, you can check the computations, add attachments and produce reports with just a few clicks.

To get started with Personal Tax Online.

  1. Open the client from your client list.
  2. In the personal tax section, select the In progress return or choose to Create New Tax Year.
  3. Enter the Non-financial information, including Client Details, Tax Adviser Details and Information for the Return.
  4. Work through the data entry pages, including:
  5. Review the return and computations.
  6. Attach any documents to accompany the return.
  7. Submit the return.

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