Report Preview

Report Preview consists of three tabs:

Check Calculation and Return

The Check Calculation and Return tab provides the following information:

  • A list of data entry issues. These issues must be resolved before you will be able to submit the return to HMRC. The blue writing in each issue is a hyperlink which will take you to the page on which the issue may be corrected.
  • A comprehensive calculation of your client’s tax liability for the year.
  • A tax summary, including details of any payments of account.
  • A summary of the entries made in each of the pages in Return Data.

Generate Reports

The Generate Reports drop-down menu includes:

Report PDF

Select to generate a personal tax report, with or without a draftmark. The report includes all of the information at Check Computation and Return, apart from the data entry issues, in a format suitable for presentation to your client.

Tax Return PDF

Select to generate a PDF of the tax return, with or without a draftmark.

Tax return XML

Select to open or save the sa100.xml file in respect of the return submission.

Generate Submission Files

Select to begin the submission process.

Note: You will not be able to proceed unless all data entry issues listed at Check Computation and Return are resolved.

HMRC Submission Files will open.

Tick File as an amended return, if this submission is of an amended return.
User ID and Password are automatically populated from information held in Payroll.

If you are ready to proceed, then click Generate and Submit. You will see that the Status of the Return is marked as In Progress, indicating that the system is awaiting a response from the HMRC server.

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