The information entered in this section will be included on the Tax Calculation and Report Preview and will be used to populate boxes 100 to 102 on page SEF5 and box 4.1 on page TC1 of the tax return.

Earnings liable to Class 1 NIC Enter the total earnings liable to Class 1 NIC between the Primary Threshold and the Upper Earnings Limit.
Voluntary Class 2 NIC Tick to indicate that your client’s self-employment profits are less than the small profits threshold and that your client has made Voluntary Class 2 NICs for the year.
Total amount of Class 2 NIC due for the return year Enter the total amount of Class 2 NIC due for the year.
Exempt from paying Class 4 NIC Tick if your client is exempt from paying Class 4 NIC in respect of this self-employment.
Adjustment to profits chargeable to Class 4 NIC If the Class 4 NIC calculation is to be based on a lower figure than the self-employment profits, enter the amount by which the profit should be adjusted for this purpose. This adjustment will not affect the profit figure for any other purpose.

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