Other UK Income

Other UK Income is an optional module that allows you to enter data that will form part of the submission to HMRC and be included in the tax calculation and reports.

Other taxable income Enter the amount of other UK income not included on supplementary pages. This does not include Share schemes, gilts, stock dividends, life insurance gains and certain other kinds of income which are covered elsewhere.
Allowable expenses or trading allowance Enter the sum of allowable expenses and trading allowance to be deducted from Other taxable income
Tax taken off other taxable income Enter the amount of tax deducted at source from Other taxable income.
Benefit from pre-owned assets Enter any tax charge arising from the occupation or enjoyment of pre-owned assets, such as land and property, works of art, cars, yachts, furniture, antiques or any assets held in a settlement.
Description Enter information in support of entries at Other taxable income, Allowable expenses or trading allowance, Tax taken off other taxable income and Benefit from pre-owned assets.

Interest from Gilts and Securities

Enter details of interest from Government bonds and similar investments.

Gains from UK Life Insurance Policies

Use this section to show details of gains from UK life insurance policies and voided ISAs.

You can only enter details for multiple gains of each type if the basis of taxation and the number of years are the same. If there are amounts from more than one source, aggregate the details.

Business Receipts Taxed as Income of an earlier Year (Post-cessation receipts)

Enter any business income received after the cessation of the business, and the tax year for which the income should be taxed.

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