Create, edit or delete contact records

If you deal with the same customers or suppliers on a regular basis, you can create contact records for them. This saves you time when entering your income and expenses and helps you keep track of who owes you money and who you owe money to.

If required, you can also import your contacts.

If your business is VAT registered, two HMRC contacts are automatically created for paying and reclaiming VAT. You can’t delete these records.

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To create a new contact

  • 1. Go to Contacts then click either New Customer or New Supplier.
  • 2. Enter the following information:
Business Name The contact’s company name.
Contact Name The contact’s name.
Reference A reference for the contact.
Email The contact’s email address.
Mobile The contact’s mobile number.
Telephone The contact’s telephone number.
  • 3. On the Contact Details tab, change the region if applicable. For example, UK & Ireland.
  • 4. Enter the contact’s address details and complete the following information:
VAT Number If the contact is VAT registered, enter their VAT registration number.
Default Category If the contact is a customer, choose a default sales category or, if it’s a supplier, a default purchase category. The default account is used when you record money in and money out transactions.
  • 5. If you want to record notes for this contact, click the Notes tab and enter relevant details.
  • 6. Click Save.

This contact record is now available to use when entering transactions.

To view or edit a contact

  • 1. Go to Contacts then click the relevant contact.

To quickly find a contact, enter the company name in the search box.

  • 2. Amend the details as required, then click Save.

To delete a contact

You can’t delete the HMRC contact record. You also can’t delete a contact record once you’ve used it to process transactions. Instead, to prevent any confusion, we suggest amending the contact name to Do not use.

If a contact record has no transactions associated with it, select the check box next to the contact then click Delete and Yes.

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