The contacts list

You can view a list of your contacts from the Contacts tab.

When you enter your VAT registration details, two HMRC contacts are automatically created for the purpose of paying or reclaiming VAT.

From the Contacts, you can:

  • Create new contact records for customers and suppliers.
  • View existing customer and supplier details – To do this, just click the relevant contact.
  • Edit existing contact records.
  • Import your contact records.
  • Search for a particular contact – To do this, simply enter the information you want to find in the Type the contact name to search box.
  • Use the action toolbar to print, email, export and delete your contacts from the list.

The action toolbar

You can also use the action toolbar to print, email or export the contact list.

The action toolbar appears when you select one or more contacts.

  • 1. Select the check box next to the relevant contacts.

To quickly select all contacts, select the check box at the top left-hand corner of the grid.

  • 2. Click the option that you want to use:
Print The contact list opens in a new window or tab showing the selected contacts. Open your browser File menu > choose to print or save the page.
Email Enter the email address > enter any information you want to appear in the body of the email > Save. The email is sent to the specified address.
CSV Depending on your Internet browser, the CSV file either downloads automatically to your Downloads folder or you may receive a prompt asking you to save the file to your PC > browse to where you want to save the file > Save.
PDF This option opens the contact list as a PDF in a new window or tab. Open your browser File menu then choose to print or save the page.

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